What People Are Saying


Jordan A

Sweetfire salsa is my all time FAVORITE. Can’t get enough of it and refuse any other salsa because Sweetfiee blows everything out of the water! 

Sue L

I am your biggest fan! Love Sweet Fire!

Amanda White

I love your salsa! Can’t get enough!!!! You must have a great family that helps you make it ;-)

Melissa Sackett Chase

I love Sweetfire! It has a hint of sweetness and a fiery kick at the end. Perfect taste all around!!

Susan Tefs

I love your salsa too!!! It’s great for dipping, topping and cooking with. Yummmmm!!!

Jeremy M. Bowie

I love it so much that I will only use scoop chips because a regular chip can’t hold enough Sweetfire goodness on it !!!!

Kevin Butts

My sis makes great salsa. It is unique in every way and won’t find anything remotely close to it. I used it at an office party once and not one drop remained. Everyone said they liked it and was so different. They liked the change from traditional Texas salsa and would love having it more often. Couldn’t wait til I brought more to the parties!

Nick Philp

Best salsa ever.

Cheri Hoffman

“Sweetfire Salsa has just the right amount of kick for a girl like me. Got my brother hooked on it too. He always asks me to get it for him for his birthday.”


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